For the Prowlers

A year or two ago, my eyes have been critiqued as bulging out slightly whenever surprised (not unlike David Tennant’s, except his is executed with flair and with women and men salivating opposite the silver screen). As an ardent subscriber to throes of self consciousness, my eyes began to adopt a nonchalant, indifferent existence; lighting up the dullness within necessitates a dash of horror, dollops of public embarrassment or the mischievous imaginary reprisals against the suppressive and undeserving social forces today.

You, dear readers, may well find those popping-eye lights in this blog ‘tottering in the zephyrs of escapism’.

Happy excavating! Remember to leave a comment on your findings- are they diamonds? Fool’s gold?


4 responses to “For the Prowlers

  1. I’m liking this blog. Dancing words and lovely pictures. Did you create them? I have bookmarked you. I hope to pop in from time to time, though my blog reading list is becoming outrageously long.

    Nice pic of David Tennant by the way.

    • Aww thank you so much for your comment! A fortifying liquid to my near-empty cup of self-esteem.

      And yes, I do write these posts myself and if I find some texts of interest I’ll source them (force of habit you see; we live in constant fear of being labelled ‘plagiarist’ thanks to the strict follow-or-we-expel-you-right-here-and-now system enforced in the ultra politically correct school of mine).

  2. Can we follow you on Twitter?
    what is your Twitter account?

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