Monthly Archives: November 2009

Greetings from the corner of two walls.

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Alas, our friendly (and forever stomping) neighbour is spouting a stream of water onto our fenceless porch, retaliating to the fulgent patterns of the sunlight.

Hello everybody (I’ve a feeling that only a pair of eyes will ever follow the future ramblings of a disgruntled student)! I’m Vicki, hollering all the way from this corner, and I am a fledgling blogger. So excuse the plainness of my blog, ‘tottering in the zephyrs of escapism’. And why the lavishly pretentious title/heading? That, gorgeous… is simply how I roll (much to the dismay of my English teachers). And why a blog? Why now (considering I am one of those masters of procrastination)? My answer is simply this: ‘tottering in the zephyrs of escapism’ is a response to deterring (god knows how) the fucking imminent Mathematics and Economics examinations tomorrow- fingers crossed, the stress will advance stealthily on me in an hour or so- as it always have: “VICKI YOU FREAKING *******! I AM SO GONNA.. YOU WILL SO GONNA…!!!” Or on a more veged out note, the Doctor Who/ Torchwood devotee in me will brush away my transiently pragmatic conscience, instilling in me the more impossible notions of a gorgeously bisexual immortal seizing me away from this temporal world- the corner between two walls.

😦 What am I doing here? Should I really imperil my HSC for a an hour’s worth of futile navigation about, to secretly envy my neighbour’s I-can-do-whatever-and-that-is-pouring-crap-on-your-lawn-no-wait-it’s-also-my-fucking-lawn prowess, or to scroll up-and-down wishing, but never attaining?

No, Nein, Tanak (?). Exchange rates and Trading blocs must be conquered, after accompanying my brother in his pursuit of mistimed laughter through ‘Scooby Doo: It’s Mean, It’s Green, It’s the Mystery Machine’.