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We’ve tottered elsewhere with parsnip feet!

Hey all,

I’ve been recently blogging again, as part of a promise made when I was not so sober on New Year’s Eve. You’d find the most delectable tales and instructions, ranging from ‘One does not simply befriend Dracula to be sparkly‘ to ‘We eat kyrptonite for brekkie‘ to ‘The masochistic holiday‘. Trust me, you’ll be served more than your fair share of whiffs of burnt parsnips and raw feet on my freshly reincarnated site, parsnipfeet on wordpress. Bon appétit!

It's hard to have a gaytime on your own. So visit us.


List: The Most Delightful Words!

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Which have pinged in my mind throughout the hours on WordPress. These delightful words were plucked, scrubbed and squinted at (it was all done half-cocked really) before being swanked here tonight.

Some are just exquisitely resplendent like ‘chinoiserie‘ and ‘demagoguery‘, whilst others like ‘chicory‘ and ‘quiddity‘ are so damn adorable, like babies with rainbow lollipops in swaddles! Whilst some are classic Americans (‘jazz‘ and ‘sloppy joes’), others are prided for their European delicacy like, say “vichyssoise’ and ‘velleities‘. There are those such as ‘Rubenesque‘ and ‘rococo‘ who are imperious, haughty, commanding. But those towered over by such totalitarians must not be shunned from the podium: the innocence and timorousness of ‘ingenue’ and ‘waif’ are to be valued… diamonds amongst bland boulders of common words.

Can't You See I'm Reading Big Words?

We can be sure of only one aspect: The listed words are all mavericks and oddballs of the English (and co.) language! Oh, and words beginning with ‘P’ have won (oh my!), followed very closely by Vs, Ss and Cs.

antsy jazz Sappho
apocryphal L sesquipedalian
apogee lemming sloppy joe
arrondissements loganberries solecism
ascot M solipsism
B manteau spelunks
bolshevizes maverick spruik
boulevardiers mellifluent sultry
brogues meme T
C moniker teetotal
catatonic N torpid
Chekhov nary troubadour
chicory O V
chinoiserie off piste vagaries
chutzpah Oh my! varicoloured
“curiouser” P velleities
curmudgeon pander verve
curry favor persnickety very
D philematologists vichyssoise
dais pithy vicissitude
demagoguery polemic vitriolic
discombobulate prig W
E profiteroles waif
ecce homo prolix wild-eyed
efflorescence prosopopoeia Y
embonpoint Q yesteryear
en passant quiddity Z
epaulette quixotic zephyr
Episcopalianism R zing
F raison d’être
fainéant razbliutos
folksy razzmatazz
halcyon rococo
G roman a clef
H Rubenesque

Greetings from the corner of two walls.

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Alas, our friendly (and forever stomping) neighbour is spouting a stream of water onto our fenceless porch, retaliating to the fulgent patterns of the sunlight.

Hello everybody (I’ve a feeling that only a pair of eyes will ever follow the future ramblings of a disgruntled student)! I’m Vicki, hollering all the way from this corner, and I am a fledgling blogger. So excuse the plainness of my blog, ‘tottering in the zephyrs of escapism’. And why the lavishly pretentious title/heading? That, gorgeous… is simply how I roll (much to the dismay of my English teachers). And why a blog? Why now (considering I am one of those masters of procrastination)? My answer is simply this: ‘tottering in the zephyrs of escapism’ is a response to deterring (god knows how) the fucking imminent Mathematics and Economics examinations tomorrow- fingers crossed, the stress will advance stealthily on me in an hour or so- as it always have: “VICKI YOU FREAKING *******! I AM SO GONNA.. YOU WILL SO GONNA…!!!” Or on a more veged out note, the Doctor Who/ Torchwood devotee in me will brush away my transiently pragmatic conscience, instilling in me the more impossible notions of a gorgeously bisexual immortal seizing me away from this temporal world- the corner between two walls.

😦 What am I doing here? Should I really imperil my HSC for a an hour’s worth of futile navigation about, to secretly envy my neighbour’s I-can-do-whatever-and-that-is-pouring-crap-on-your-lawn-no-wait-it’s-also-my-fucking-lawn prowess, or to scroll up-and-down wishing, but never attaining?

No, Nein, Tanak (?). Exchange rates and Trading blocs must be conquered, after accompanying my brother in his pursuit of mistimed laughter through ‘Scooby Doo: It’s Mean, It’s Green, It’s the Mystery Machine’.