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Pictures of Rufus Wainwright

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We visit photo galleries.

We click Next. Next. Next. Save as Image.

Next. Save as Image. Next. Next.

The Internet slows down. Next, next, n-n-n-n-next. Dammit, next it already!

It crashes.

Spits of fury pepper the screen of our computers.

The ‘Next’ ritual thence recommences.

So my dear viewers and fans of Rufus Wainwright, feast your eyes on this very accessible photo gallery sans ‘nexting’.

A note to non-Wordpress users or lost lambs in the technical world of cyberdom (where CSSes,  Javascripts and self-appointed cyber polices reign): you’ll get the full-sized image after clicking on the desired (or lusted after) photo twice.

Rufus Wainwright: More than just a Wallflower

Hallelujah, indeed!

No longer an "old-school promiscuous Oscar Wilde freak show". The fight for love is on.

Here are just three photos for a taste. Will update tomorrow. Really, this blog increasingly poses itself as a shrine to Rufus Wainwright every time I post. Anyway, off to shoo a moth so wish me luck!


Presenting the brutally honest and clamorously irreverent Margaret Cho!

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What a woman!

Immingle the exorbitance of Sacha Baron Cohen (and his egregious albeit loveable characters) with the sensibilities of the repressed Asian woman… voila!:

Presenting an artistic soul whose canvas is itself.

Imagine my surprise in unearthing this personality on my laptop as I was about to delete my account on! As I spent the witching hour watching her stand-up performances, I realised (“omg!”) that she may well be one whose interests lies closest to mine (ahem, well in the deep recesses of my mind). The following is a list of why so many of us (whether un-closeted or closeted) lap her up (doubtlessly with a degree of trepidation). Margaret’s ferociously honest farce covers:

– An unhealthy fag-hag obsession with gay men (to whose culture, bodies and voices I am slave)

– Stereotypes imposed on Asian-Americans (which I am subject to- as would my future children, grandchildren…)

– Bisexuality (if I met the right woman, this would apply)

– Dieting and eating disorders (damn you and your mannequins, Vogue!)

For a taste, here is Margaret Cho tackling the hassles of being a fag-hag (and of our uncredited role of being the backbone of the gay community):

Plus my ultimate dose of hysteria in ‘Asian Chicken Salad’:

xoxo and hooray for Margaret Cho, fag-hags, and Asian chicken salads (and not to mention, a Gollum-esque piece of Tolkien’s legendarium)!