Presenting the brutally honest and clamorously irreverent Margaret Cho!

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What a woman!

Immingle the exorbitance of Sacha Baron Cohen (and his egregious albeit loveable characters) with the sensibilities of the repressed Asian woman… voila!:

Presenting an artistic soul whose canvas is itself.

Imagine my surprise in unearthing this personality on my laptop as I was about to delete my account on! As I spent the witching hour watching her stand-up performances, I realised (“omg!”) that she may well be one whose interests lies closest to mine (ahem, well in the deep recesses of my mind). The following is a list of why so many of us (whether un-closeted or closeted) lap her up (doubtlessly with a degree of trepidation). Margaret’s ferociously honest farce covers:

– An unhealthy fag-hag obsession with gay men (to whose culture, bodies and voices I am slave)

– Stereotypes imposed on Asian-Americans (which I am subject to- as would my future children, grandchildren…)

– Bisexuality (if I met the right woman, this would apply)

– Dieting and eating disorders (damn you and your mannequins, Vogue!)

For a taste, here is Margaret Cho tackling the hassles of being a fag-hag (and of our uncredited role of being the backbone of the gay community):

Plus my ultimate dose of hysteria in ‘Asian Chicken Salad’:

xoxo and hooray for Margaret Cho, fag-hags, and Asian chicken salads (and not to mention, a Gollum-esque piece of Tolkien’s legendarium)!


2 responses to “Presenting the brutally honest and clamorously irreverent Margaret Cho!

  1. So you are Asian-American Living in a closet in Melbourne?:)

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