Rufus Wainwright is a God.

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And Want Two is my Bible (yes, an honest Bible does exist- no longer limited to being a preached oxymoron)!

I have to write a review for Want Two, for the chef-d’oeuvre which has provided me (and doubtlessly many others) the most transcendental, warmest musical experience one can ever imbibe through a cold, metallic disc. I believe this is Rufus’s most underrated album thus far, and my absolute favourite (this is saying something, considering it comes from one whose ‘cigarettes and chocolate milk’ is Rufus Wainwright)!

Having read so many articles comparing Rufus’s voice to saccharine foods, let me just extend their encomiums with another (less stimulating) metaphor… His songs, mellifluous as they are, embody a unique personal quality to an extent that we listeners will not only be climbing a stairway to a makeshift Shangri-la, but we are rungs closer to understanding the virtuoso himself. He’s my sole remedy in purging myself of the kitschy, oversexed music which the majority of my peers at school listen to! Gay Messiah, This Love Affair and especially The Art Teacher continually make me a loyal Kleenex customer.

Why homophobia never seems to dissipate or crunch away is beyond me. To those whose enchridion-based beliefs cause anguish to their ‘victims’, I can only hope that Jesus etc. will descend (in a flowing robe for dramatic effect) and cry “MATTHEW, PETER AND SO & SO, THAT IS SO OUT OF CONTEXT!!!” To expedite empathy with our colourful friends, here is a performance by Rufus Wainwright whose angelic voice really extravasated the raw emotions (i.e. unrequited love) from ‘The Art Teacher’:

Listen to ‘The Art Teacher’ (without video) on my post ‘The Allure of Unrequited Love’ at

5 Stars any day.

Madonna in drag of heavenly Hell. (I hope you recognise that as a pun or literary device of sorts; it was already lame).

Gosh, scrummy in trench coat and drag. That’s Rufus for you!

To the many loyal fans of Rufus, visit and search for Rufus Wainwright in the artists box- you’ll find a couple of interviews there (you’ll need iTunes). Alternatively, should troubles arise (as they did for a tech-unsavvy me), go to and save the ’32k’ links which worked for me :D!


p.s. An Easter treat lies in!


2 responses to “Rufus Wainwright is a God.

  1. cigarettes and chocolate milk <3!

  2. Now that my boombox has broken, I guess it will be a while before I get into one of these little sublime moments. 😦
    RIP and thank you, Panasonic CD player.

    Shoot, it’s darned late/early. Sony chimes 12:43am; the internet is a wonder.

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